Phyliss Miranda  
- the "Code of the West" lives!
Short Stories


Hearts and Spurs

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How do you capture a cowboy's heart?

Hearts and Spurs is a collection of nine stories by some of western romance's best-just in time for Valentine's Day! Features nine sensual Valentine's Day love stories of the old west that will leave no doubt-Cupid is a cowboy and he's playing for keeps! 

"The wildness of a tumbleweed and the sweetness of chocolate bring Amanda Love the love of a lifetime" 
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"All of the stories held my attention but two resonated with me long after I'd finished the anthology. Tumbleweeds and Valentines by Phyliss Miranda had many sweet confections (yum!) and the treat of a secret admirer. Open Hearts was another favorite. I loved the female judge masquerading as her brother and issuing justice across the West, until she fell for a lawman who came to protect her after a certain ruling." 
Review by Muddy Rose Reviews

 "As soon as 
Hearts and Spurs was released, I purchased it and started reading... Each story is a gift to the reader-- a mini-getaway to another time and place. I didn't find a new author to read...because most of these are already among my favorite authors."
Review from Smart Girls Read Romance

"Nine very talented and popular Western Romance Authors have put together a collection of short romance stories, each with the goal of capturing a cowboy's heart. Yes, the heroes in the stories are wonderful, but the heroines are spectacular. They have to be to rope and tie up her man's heart! Some stories are emotional and serious and some are humorous, but all will entertain you in a special way. I recommend Hearts and Spurs."

Review from Rising Star Reviews

Wishing for a Cowboy

Now Available!!

Prairie Rose Publications (PRP), a publishing company devoted to publishing westerns and western romances written by women. An exciting mix of professional award winning western writers and some terrific new talent can be found in this book.  As an extra bonus there are Christmas recipes in the back.
A Christmas Miracle by Phyliss Miranda:

"Acceptance comes not through frosty eyes, but from the warmth of loving hearts."

Mattie Jo Ashley has lost too many people she loves. First, her outlaw father then her mother. She is determined not to lose her baby sister to a mysterious disease. Because she feels shamed by the problems her father forced upon the townspeople of Carroll Creek, Texas and now suffers their disdain, Mattie Jo cannot turn to her community for help. She has no choice but to seek aid from the shy, but skilled local doctor. Dr. Grant Spencer has every confidence in his abilities as a third generation doctor, but is sorely in need of self worth in other areas of his life. When Mattie Jo unleashes havoc in the community and takes Grant to the brink of testing his courage and fortitude as both doctor and a man, all discover the true Christmas spirit and the power of genuine love and acceptance.

Wishing for a Cowboy is a collection of eight short stories by western romance authors you may or may not know. Now is your chance to read a sampling of these accomplished wont be disappointed."

Review from Rising Star Reviews

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