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Be My Texas Valentine
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The way to a cowboy's heart...

"In Texas, Valentine's Day is for restless hearts, brave second chances, and passions rekindled. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace tempt you with four delicious treats...Out on these rugged plains, love never comes easy. And four daring ladies will do whatever it takes to capture the hearts of four irresistibly sweet-talking Texans."
Review from Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews by Sharon Galligur Chance

"Phyliss Miranda has provided a sweet romance wrapped up in small town politics and familial intrigue... 'Be My Texas Valentine' will make your heart smile as you follow the trials and tribulations of four couples who need to believe in the magic of love."

5 Spurs Review from Carol at Love Western Romances

"Lot of tender slow love in this book. You can tell they really are learning about one another and just taking things slow.

5 Stars  Review from Goodreads

"I love anthologies... can anything be better than discovering not one or two new authors, but four authors who bring a Texas welcome (and perhaps a longhorn or two) to this book? I liked the historical note which followed the story. Not as many fictional, historical stories provide that extra care, especially on an anthology."

4.5 Stars Review from Night Owl Reviews

"When these ladies team up, readers are garanteed a collection of great historical western romances...It's terrific!"

4.5 Cupid's arrows Review from Bella Online

"It's days before Valentine's Day in Texas and time for love in these four romantic yet different stories from four popular authors...Longer than the other novellas, 'Loving Miss Laurel' nicely fits into the category of romantic suspense... though united by the Valentine theme, the stories in BE MY TEXAS VALENTINE are timeless and can be enjoyed any time you want to have your spirits lifted."
Review from Jane Bowers at Romance Reviews Today

"Anthologies are best enjoyed when it is quite obvious that the contributing writers had great fun with their characters and story lines. 'Be My Texas Valentine' from 'The Fabulous Four'... is just such a reader's treat of a book. I loved this book-- it has such delicious flavor in the storytelling! 'Be My Texas Valentine' is a perfect Valentine's day confection for romance lovers."
Review from Virginia Campbell

"Generally speaking, I don't include anthologies in this column because often the stories are not all of the same caliber. 'Be My Texas Valentine' breaks the mold... makes for a perfect novella: heart-wrenching, passionate, deeply fekt, and deeply sweet."
Review from Barnes and Noble Review

"Love blooms in the heart of Texas in this heartwarming anthology about wounded souls, second chances and the miracle of romance. Written by four of today's hottest romance authors, this is a joy to read."
Review from Rhapsody Book Club

"[The Ladies of the West] have again worked wonders to create an anthology that touches the hearts of their readers. Each author has a unique voice, but they work together to tell the stories of men and women in Texas who are searching for love and a place to belong.These stories are tied together by location and Valentine's Day."
Review from Eye on Romance

A Texas Christmas

Available Everywhere!!

"In the Texas Panhandle, the winters are long, the storms fierce-and the Yuletide nights are sizzling. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas along with Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda and Dewanna Pace, bring one tempting holiday delight..."

"This Christmas themed anthology presents four stories about outsiders whose isolation has caused them to lose the joy of Christmas and how opening up to the prospect of love helps them find it again...Phyliss Miranda has penned a sweet and charming tale about the power of finding true love in the most unexpected circumstances."

5 Spurs Review from Love Western  Romances

"A Texas Christmas is a collection of sweet western romances with sexy cowboys and strong western women who love them... it was a great anthology and is a book I will be keeping on my shelf. It's a perfect holiday romance and and made me smile."

5 Lips
Review from Twolips Reviews

"This book was perfect for Christmas... My favorite was "Away in the Manger" by Phyliss Miranda. But, truthfully, I liked them all"

5 Stars  Review from Goodreads

"'Away in the Manger' by Phyliss Miranda. In 1887 on the Texas Panhandle Randall Humphrey looks forward to solitude during the Christmas season. Instead the Kasota Springs blacksmith finds Edwinna Dewey yelling at him over his half brother failing to arrive with her family. Her niece Sarah Callahan arrives with three years old twins Damon and Addie Claire at the blacksmith shop."

5 Stars
  Review from Harriet Klausner

"Sarah and her rambuctious children are just the thing to stop Rand's case of the grumpies. I loved, too, that all the stories tie into one another. If you're looking for a fabulous holiday collection, this is the perfect choice. I'm giving it four and a half Cupid's arrows. I can hardly wait for their Valentine's Day anthology!"

4.5 Cupid's arrows Review from Bella Online

"There is nothing to make the long winter nights pass quickly than a throughly charming collection of Christmas tales, and 'A Texas Christmas' is a great choice for seasonal reading...This was a collection of really sweet stories that worked individually and as a group...the characters were complex and lovable enough to make the book a winner."

4 Stars Review from The Romance Reviews

"Once again this foursome of western writers teams up for a charming anthology. This time the stories are themed around the residents of a snowstorm before Christmas. Each novella is a delight on its own and together they create little miracles that will brighten your day... Randall Humphrey, wants to be left alone, but the town blacksmith gets a suprise when a widow and her children show up at his door. Sarah and her children remind him of long-ago happy holidays in 'Away in the Manger.'"

4 Stars Review from RT Book Reviews

"This most enjoyable read is full of love and caring and a most difficult book to put aside until the last page has been turned. The warm feeling surround the holiday is certainly portrayed in these great tales from these talented authors."
Review from Fresh Fiction

"Cleverly linked by a devastating 1887 Texas blizzard and the Panhandle town of Kasota Springs, the stories in the engaging anthology bring home the meaning of Christmas in diverse and touching ways... A quiet blacksmith shelters a young widow and her children from the storm as well as from her difficult aunt in Phyliss Miranda's heartwarming "Away in the Manger." VERDICT Wintry, warm, and infinitely readable, this Western anthology of related stories is unusually satisfying-a winner for readers who like collections filled with Old West flavor."
Review from Library Journal

Give Me a Texas Outlaw

Available Everywhere!!

"It's hard to make an outlaw heroic, but these four authors are up to the task. Each of their characters has a compelling reason for their missteps, along with a heart that may be encrusted but not yet hardened. There's still hope that love could conquer all and it is that hope that kept me turning the pages... Phyliss Miranda builds
intriguing plots and characters that compel you to keep reading...  Who could ask for more?"

5 Spurs
Review from Love Western Romances

"The latest "Give me A Texas ." western romance collection contains four fine diverse tales...sub-genre fans will enjoy traveling the Lone Star State with these outlaws and the women in peril who tame them"

5 Stars
  Review from Harriet Klausner

"GIVE ME A TEXAS OUTLAW is a wild novel filled with fantastic stories! This anthology has plenty to offer for the western romance fan. Tough outlaws and fantastic love stories makes this book a must have! Texas Flame by Phyliss Miranda is a lovely story about love lost then found again...Texas Flame is an enjoyable well-written story...Overall, this anthology was a great read and is certain to satisfy fans of western historical romances! I loved it!" 

5 Stars Review from Lisa Jo

"Four amazing authors have come together to create a collection of stories about the outlaw. We all know who the outlaw is, that man who lives just outside the law and yet somehow manages to do the right thing to protect those around him. These four women have built stories around this man. They show us everything we love about the outlaw while maintaining the spirit of the West... Despite being short stories, they feel as fulfilling as full length novels and leave the reader satiated."
10 out of 10 Review from Historical Romance Writers

"There is nothing more intriguing than an outlaw-especially if he is tall and devilishly handsome!...What a delightfully, delicious combination of short stories! Anyone who is a fan of cowboys in a small but sizzling doses will eat this delectable affering up!...each tale is paced to perfection with enough suspense to ruin one's nails mixed with enough romance to make the heart race and reader sigh. Well done ladies!"

4.5 Stars Review from Affaire de Coeur

"Outlaw Savannah Parker finds hope for justice--and redemption--in the arms of Texas Ranger Ethan Kimble in Miranda's "Texas Flame," which deftly weaves layers of secrets into a narrative that keeps readers guessing... The stories emphasize emotion over sensation, creating a sweet, sunny anthology perfect for rainy-day reading."
Review from Publishers Weekly





Give Me a Texas Ranger
Available everywhere!!

"Long, lean and eager to please ... Give Me a Texas Ranger

Born to protect and sevre, these rugged lawman are the stuff of Texas legend. NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace bring you four red-blooded Rangers and the women who tame their hearts...

Give Me a Texas Ranger is a collection of stories featuring strong Texans who treat their women like gold. They are men of few words but their actions speak volumes. They are honorable men who would lay down their lives to protect others. The women are feisty, spirited and don't do anything half-heartedly. Full steam ahead is their motto. It is a wonderful collection and one that will certainly tickle your heartstrings."

5 Stars
Review from Harriet Klausner at

Forced to take feisty Ella Stevenson into custody, Hayden McGraw has his hands full.  But when he discovers the spitfire is on his side of the law, they're soon working as a team -- up close and very personal.
4 Stars  Romantic Times

"Readers couldn't ask for a finer quartet of heroes than those created for these wild-as-the-West novellas that capture the spirit of the Texas Rangers and the women who tame them."

4 Stars
Review from

"Refreshing and enjoyable ... As with the previous "Give Me a Texan" anthology, these are four enjoyable post Civil War nineteenth century Texas romances starring strong lead characters and solid settings."

"Exciting ... refreshing and enjoyable ..."

Give Me A Cowboy
Available Everywhere!!

Come along for the ride as four couples take courage and rope the winds of change at the 1890 Kasota Springs Rodeo. In the rough-and-ready Texas Panhandle, the rodeo is where to find a real man. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas teams up with Phyliss Miranda, DeWanna Pace, and Linda Broday to prove that the right kind of love can tame the wildest heart ...

Alaine LeDoux is pure tomboy--and she likes shooting and riding more than dresses and tea. Good thing Mr. Morgan Payne turns out to be one hell of a cowboy under his citified suit...Tempest LeDoux doesn't play by anyone's rules. When a tall gunslinger named McKenna Smith rides into town, Tempest knows he's the one for her--if she can catch him...Rowdy Darnell was born to be wild and Laurel Hayes knows she shouldn't get involved with him--but oh, how he can kiss...When Augusta Garrison finds out Dally Angelo is hell-bent on riding the bull that killed his father, she's ready to break their engagement--until pure passion takes over.

Another great story. I also liked her last story she wrote in, Give Me A Texan. I caught myself often smiling because of the great lines she delivered. Great story, well written, with wonderful characters.
Don't miss out on these great stories, written by talented authors."

5 Stars
from Kym McNabney

"The stories in this collection take place at the same time, which allows readers to view the same situation from different perspectives. All the authors are well-versed in cowboys and create four very different heroes and the perfect women and plotlines for each of them."

4 Stars  Romantic Times 
"Five Stars! The follow-up western romance anthology to GIVE ME A TEXAN contains four wonderful novellas that occur in the summer of 1890 in Kasota Springs. Each tale stars delightful lead characters who provide different perspective to the same event. Sub-genre fans will appreciate this fabulous compilation insisting, like the heroines, that the authors… GIVE ME A COWBOY.”
Review from Harriet Klausner



 Give Me a Texan 

Still Available at and

Roots that go deep... men who stand tall... and real women who have what it takes to love and be loved by them. Hank Harris wasn't even looking for a woman when he ended up with a wife. Their hasty marriage is for appearances only: a capable, intelligent woman like Aggie is exactly who he needs as a business partner--if only she weren't so damn beautiful, spirited--and in his bed... Payton McCord thought he was one tough cowboy until Amanda Lemmons made him mind his manners. And a woman of her caliber is worth the trouble she causes... Newspaperman Quinten Corbett wasn't expecting his new apprentice to be female. Boston-born Kaira Renaulde is far too refined for a rough-and-tumble frontier town--and far too pretty for his peace of mind... Briar Duncan knows he needs someone to help him raise his headstrong little daughter. But Mina McCoy is more than he bargained for--much more! The woman has the face of an angel and a very definite mind of her own... When you need a real man... GIVE ME A TEXAN.

"A quick read that was hard to put down! Recommended for all romantics. Phyliss Miranda contributes a humorous tale centering on spunky Kaira Renaulde and sexy Quinten Corbett. And man do the sparks fly between these two as the author weaves a wonderful spellbinding story!"
Review from Kim S. Campbell on

“Four ladies who know what it means to be a Texan, create a quartet of memorable novellas that bring the great state straight into your heart. The three-dimensional characters and unforgettable heroes, combined with splendid stories, are unmatched for fans of the Old West.” 
4 Stars Romantic Times



"This is the sixth collection of stories from bestselling author Jodi Thomas, my sweet friend Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace, and for me, these collaborations just keep getting better and better! I love the fiesty characters in the tale (Loving Miss Laurel), and enjoyed the historical facts sprinkled into the story as well. 'Be My Texas Valentine' is like a lovely box of chocolates-there are treats glore just waiting to be savored by romance fans! I highly recommend this book!"
Review from Sharon Galligar Chance

"Wow. I liked it. I really, really liked it... this is a solid anthology, and gives me some new authors to glom. Excellent. One of the things i liked about this anthology is that although the Valentine's Day theme is certainly present, it was neither pushy nor tacky... the stories in 'Be My Texas Valentine' are sweet and gentle as they come, and enjoyable to read."
Review from All About Romance

"BE MY TEXAS VALENTINE is a wonderful collection of historical romances set in various parts of Texas during the 1800's by four awesome authors. Each story is written with depth, details, emotion, passion, and romance. They have strong heroines, and brave, tough heros. You will not be disappointed by picking it up."
Review from MyBookAddictionReviews

"An anthology of four couples conquering love on valentine's day... excemptionally cute as everyone finds the love of their lives on Valentine's Day against all odds. Each story is unique iin it's own way and will entertain the reader through love overcoming any obstacle. The wonderful collection of stories found in BE MY TEXAS VALENTINE shows that love always comes out the winner!"
Review from Fresh Review

Out on these rugged plains, love never comes easy. And four daring ladies will do whatever it takes to capture the hearts of four irresistably sweet-talking Texans...When a spirited lady and a go-getter mayor compete for their town's future, it's two dreams for a lifetime."
Review from Fresh Fiction

Top Ten Jule's Picks, January 7, 2012, Books we love. Romance Expert, Jules, shares his must-reads for the month here.



"I always enjoy the anthologies that Jodi, Linda, Phyliss, and DeWanna write, but I think that "A Texas Christmas" has to be one of the best collaborations these four ladies have published to date!...All four of these stories are charming, romantic and just a pure delight to read. Get ready for a wonderful holiday season with there heartwarming."
Review from Sharon Galligar Chance

"Kiss a cowboy under the mistletoe! Ring in the holidays with this sizzling collection of interrelated tales set in the Texas Panhandle as four ladies in need of saving meet their gun-totin' knights in shining armor during the blizzard of 1887."
Review from Doubleday Book Club

"A TEXAS CHRISTMAS is a story that not only interweaves the lives of characters but also the town of Kasota Springs, Texas. A great Christmas read for any reader who enjoys historical romance, Christmas reads, Texas men and women. A must read."
Review from My Book Addiction Reviews

"I liked that the stories were short and sweet, and had just a little heat... Although, I admit I certainly wouldn't mind finding one of those cowboys wrapped up under the tree, even if it meant I got a little coal in my stocking Christmas morning."
Review from First for women magazine

"The latest western romance anthology by this quartet is a terrific somewhat interwoven but mostly seperate tales of couples trapped by a snowstorm falling miraculously in love."
Review from Genre Go Round

"Thrilling...delightful...Readers will enjoy the recurring cameos from minor characters and themes of Christmastime and forgiveness and redemption."
"I really enjoyed how the authors wove the stories around the same location and the blizzard theme. Each story has a unique take on romance all while the goal is to have the best happen by Christmas. It was a cozy, heartwarming story, which really put me in the holiday mood."
Review from Publishers Weekly

"Once again we are graced with a heart-warming holiday tale of finding love in seemingly unlikely places..."Away in a Manger" is a fun treat that nicely winds up this collection of four highly enjoyable holiday stories. The Novellas stand alone, but are connected by the setting and the perils of the storm. They all manage to deliver delightful, well-developed main characters along with a few not so nice ones. While plots involve various threads of suspense, the character interactions hold center stage. I highly recommend A TEXAS CHRISTMAS for your holiday reading pleasure." 
Review from Romance Reviews Today



         2011 Judge a Book By Its Cover
               Houston Bay Area RWA
                Second Place winner 
Sexiest Cover !

                Rhapsody Bookclub
            Heartthrob of the Month 
                      July, 2011

"Texas Flame does a good job of feeding us the story and backstory in small portions and keeping us wondering what's really going on. I felt the dialog was representative of the time and the research was good as well. Nice Job!"

4.5 Stars Review from Night Owl Reviews

"This gang of authors turns outlaws, the ultimate bad boys, into some of the most dangerous, sexy and fine heros of the season. Each novella is as unique as the author who penned the tale and is as exciting, action packed and sensual as a full-length novel."

4 Stars
Review from RT Book Reviews

"Love so fierce it should be illegal… Fearless and irresistible, outlaws are the original bad boys. Now New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace offer up four sexy and romantic stories for women who love men who know how to pack heat…"
Review from Eye on Romance



                 Rhapsody Book Club  
            for Heartthrob of the Month 
                            July 2010

            Placed in 2010 "Judge a Book 
                By Its Cover Contest for 
            Sexiest Cover" award by the 
                Houston Bay Area RWA


        Second Place 2009 "Judge a Book 
                By Its Cover Contest for 
           Sexiest Cover" awarded by the 
                Houston Bay Area RWA



            Winner of the February 2008,
               New Covey Trailer Award 
             for Most Intriguing Trailer

            Runner up for Best Historical 
                      Romance for 2009 
             at Love Western Romances

                Heartthrob of the Month 
                        Summer 2008

    Honorable Mention from voters for 
                “Best Western 2008″

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