Phyliss Miranda  
- the "Code of the West" lives!


Out of a Texas Night 

The second of the Kasota Springs Romance Series 

How can a beautiful, feisty, big city deputy sheriff handle working with a small town lawman to solve the drug trafficking in her home town? Especially when he is well liked in the community and she is appointed Bonita County Sheriff be the mayor and pillar of society...her father. Avery Danielle Humphrey returns to her hometown, Kasota Springs, Texas, a place you know if you were born there, you'll be buried there too.

The Troubled Texan

Now available as an ebook or print!!

The first of the Kasota Springs Romance Series 

Small-town Texas isn't big enough for the both of them...or is it just right?

Sheriff Donovan "Deuce" Cowan has seen his share of trouble, but when he nearly hauls in Maressa Clarkson for speeding, he's suddenly in over his head. These days his long-lost high school classmate is calling herself Rainey Michaels and she sure hasn't come to Kasota Springs by accident. It seems the Los Angeles Deputy DA has chosen the West Texas town to hide out from a dangerous convict. Its all Deuce can do not to corral the sexy spitfire-in the name of keeping her safe, of course. Problem is, Rainey isn't letting anyone in on her big secret, least of all a hard-bodied, former pro-footballer sheriff with an overactive protective instinct. So now she's trying to keep him in line, one slow kiss at a time...

"All of the stories held my attention but Tumbleweeds and Valentineshad many sweet confections (yum!) and the treat of a secret admirer."
Muddy Rose Reviews

What People are Saying:
"Phyliss Miranda created a fun, spunky, romance based in small town USA...  the Troubled Texan isn't all fun and football games, it has heart aching situations and some purely evil intentions."

"Wonderful Romantic Suspense...this was a fast paced, quick, enjoyable read. Ms. Miranda's dialogue is sassy and witty, as are her characters."

"A spunky lawyer and an alpha cop get reunited and sparks fly... the writing was smooth and was easy to read and the story drew me in and kept me hooked (I stayed up was too late to finish the book)."

The Tycoon and the Texan

Now available as an ebook or print! 

What in the blue blazes does a millionaire playboy do with an independant, spirited Texan when he wins her at a charity auction? In The Tycoon and the Texan, a short contemporary romance, California rich boy, Nick Dartmouth decides the best way to handle the dilemma is to show McCall Johnson, an uprooted Texas native with secrets of her own, that their lives aren't as different as it might seem... only to find out they are more alike than he ever dreamed.

I loved the premise of this story. A rich tycoon who gets taken down a notch by a savvy Texas secretary who appears to be nothing more than a girl working for a living.  This is a fun, entertaining read that is perfect for the beach or for moments when you simply want to unwind from a busy day. This first full length attempt by Ms. Miranda hits a home run. I look forward to other releases by her."

  5 Star Review from L. Broday

What people are saying:
"A fun romp, The Tycoon and the Texan's author takes the familiar territory of romances and adds all the Texas charm one could hope for! The characters stay with you long after you close the last page. It's one of those books you never want to end."

"A fun read...a quick fun book and no this book wont change the world but it will keep you relaxed and diverted for awhile which is all it needed to do."

"This story was beautiful, funny, sexy it was really a little bit of everything. I found the plot progressively got better and better right until the end of the book. Thought it was extremely well written and easy to follow. This is a romance book you will want to read in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down!! Enjoy!!"

"This is a story about learning to trust others and your feelings. I couldn't ask for a better story than I got with this one."

"I would consider this book a beach/vacation read. A light, read & take in the story as it comes type of book. It was a quick... light romance with a nice sweet story to go along with it."

"A light-hearted romance, perfect for a sunny day reading on the beach and a fairly quick read."
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